Modernize Your Trip to the Dentist with Laser Dentistry

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While not a recent discovery, laser dentistry is still not considered conventional in many dental practices. However, we believe that using lasers in our practice can really help you achieve that healthy mouth and smile you’re looking for. 

Laser dentistry can help Dr. Ania deep clean and remove gum tissue that has been infected by bacteria. Even if you brush and floss like you’re supposed to, sometimes a laser deep cleaning is what you need to clean your gums and get them healthy again. 

Every person’s dental care routine should include brushing and flossing. Not only does this help keep your teeth clean, but it can also prevent cavity and decay. However, cleaning the surfaces of your teeth is only one part of a good dental hygiene routine. Laser dentistry is an incredible advancement in the dental field that allows dentists to deep clean and remove gum tissue that has been diseased by bacteria. Even if you brush and floss like you’re supposed to, sometimes a laser deep cleaning is what you need to clean your gums and get them healthy again. 

What is Laser Dentistry? 

Soft tissue lasers are used in dentistry to help enhance a patient’s gums. The laser performs two main functions:

  1. Laser decontamination, which is a cleaning
  2. Laser therapy, which is the vaporization of diseased tissue

The first mode can even help healthy patients to further reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Did you know that even the healthiest person has millions of bacteria present in their mouth at any given time? Laser decontamination can help reduce the amount of bad bacteria found in the mouth. The second mode, laser therapy, is used on patients who have gum disease. 

Using the soft tissue laser can provide dramatic results in reducing bacteria. This is even more so than what basic handheld dental instruments can. Lasers also prevent bacteria from settling (AKA delayed recolonization). Due to this, gums can heal better after bacterial removal because the tissue is not as susceptible to new bacteria settling in. 

Dr. Ania typically applies the use of lasers in her office to offer a speedy and more pain-free treatment option for certain procedures. In the past, these are treatments that may not have been able to be done. Dr. Ania can treat cold sores that can be irritating and unsightly. Additionally, by using a low intensity, she can reduce irritation and minimize healing time. Further, she also uses lasers to detect and treat cavities, enhance smiles by reshaping the gums, eliminating benign tumors, whiten teeth, and more. 

Procedures Using Lasers 

In addition to cleaning and removing infected tissue, many dentists have started using lasers in many different dental procedures. Colgate lists a few of the procedures that use lasers to be: teeth whitening, setting restorative materials like crowns or fillings, detecting tooth decay, and more. Here’s a little bit about how the lasers work in these procedures: 

  • Teeth whitening: dentists use laser whitening to help lift stubborn stains off the teeth in a faster manner than other traditional whitening methods. 
  • Crowns or fillings: lasers can help a dentist remove tooth decay and prepare cavities for filling. They can also help prepare a tooth for a root canal and etch the enamel so a filling can easily bond to it. 
  • Reshaping gums: for aesthetic reasons, a dentist can use a laser to help reshape your gums in addition to ridding them of bacteria. 
  • Cold sores or ulcers: a laser can help treat overly tight muscle attachments in the mouth, oral ulcers, and cold sores. 

Risks of Laser Dentistry

Any risks associated with laser dentistry are typically minor, especially if you are receiving the treatment from an experienced professional, like Dr. Ania. Healthline mentions small risk of this procedure could include: damaging tissue if the wrong wavelength of power level is used, and eye damage if protective eye wear isn’t used. 

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Choosing laser dentistry over handheld instruments is just another way you can receive modern dental care. Dr. Ania uses lasers to remove only diseased tissue, which means surrounding tissue that is healthy won’t be affected. This treatment is good for quick healing, because of their ability to instantaneously seal the blood vessels. Light energy sessions typically do not cause bleeding. Due to this, the patient to resume the rest of their day immediately following their appointment 

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