Periodontal Therapy & Dental Cleanings

We pride ourselves in customizing every aspect of your care, including your cleanings. Our hygienist will spend a lot of time educating you about your gum health and how to best maintain a healthy mouth.

Certain conditions, like high cholesterol and diabetes, as well as certain medications, can affect the health of your gums. However it is critical to note that the health of your mouth can affect your overall health.

Researchers at Columbia University found that people with gum disease were more likely to suffer from arteriosclerosis, narrowing of the blood vessels that can lead to stroke or heart attack. The same bacteria found causing gum disease was found causing inflammation that results in clogged arteries. Doctors measured the bacteria in the mouths of 657 men and women with no history of heart attack or stroke, as well as the width of their carotid arteries. The more bacteria in the subjects had, the more likely they were to have narrowed arteries. More studies will follow, but we can pretty much conclude that taking care of your mouth could have a significant impact on your cardiovascular health.

Agility Guard

Dr. Ania believes Agility Guard is the best sports protection mouthguard. The potential to improve athletic performance by using a properly designed mouthguard is not a new idea. Dentists have, for some 40 years, noted improvements in athletic performance when athletes used a properly designed mouthguard. Dr. Ania is a Chan-certified Dentist, who can determine whether an Agility Guard would provide any potential improvement in your athletic performance.

Sleep Apnea Devices

Are you aware of the impact that poor sleep can have on you? It can cause increased blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, and an increased chance of a stroke among other life changing conditions. If you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea these are genuine concerns.

Dr. Ania now offers some great options for minimally obtrusive treatment, like the Micro 2 and Somno Dent to help you get that all-important rest. If you have been putting off treatment due to the overwhelming number of choices, come in and let us guide you through the process.