Is Botox Really Used in Dentistry?

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For years, people have used Botox and filler to regain a youthful facial appearance, while not losing their ability to show facial expression. An attractive smile can boost your confidence, help with pain, and improve your overall image.  However, while many people are aware of the cosmetic benefits of Botox, most don’t know that there are dental benefits to Botox too. The use of this treatment has become widely popular, with an estimated 11 million people worldwide having used Botox. This makes it one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 

What is Botox? 

Botox is an FDA-approved purified protein which is injected into targeted muscles and temporarily blocks nerve signals that cause muscle movements. This essentially relaxing the muscle, which reduces or eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. Within 3-5 days of the Botox injection, the treated facial muscles become temporarily relaxed, causing the overlying skin to lay flat and unwrinkled. The facial muscles next to the ones we treat contract in a normal fashion, allowing facial expressions to continue on as normal. The injections don’t take long to do at all, and they’ll remain effective for 3-6 months. 

What are Fillers?

As we get older, our skin loses collagen, which means we lose hyaluronic acid too. Collagen and hyaluronic acid add structure and volume to the face. This means when we lose it as we age, our skin can sag and wrinkle. Dermal fillers and smooth, injectable gels made from hyaluronic acid, so it can add volume to deficient areas and restore your face to a natural, youthful appearance. 

The American Academy of Facial Esthetics explains that fillers are also used for lip augmentation and are used by dentists for high lip line cases, uneven lips, and to make the perioral area more esthetic. They further mention that dentists are the true specialists of the face, much more so than many other health professionals. Due to this, dentists are extremely qualified to help you with your Botox and filler needs. 

Is Botox Really Used in Dentistry?

People are aware of the cosmetic benefits of dentistry. It can help people hide their fine ones and wrinkles, but more and more people are beginning to see the benefits of Botox for help with a number of conditions. The US National Library of Medicine has featured a study that details Botox can be used in dentistry to help:

  • TMJ and bruxism – In patients with TMJ disorder, they typically experience symptoms like facial pain, joint sounds, headache, neck and jaw pain, and more. Botox can help by relaxing the muscles involved, which can help stop the muscles from tightly clenching which can cause a lot of the pain associated with TMJ. 
  • Aesthetic dentistry – Botox and filler can provide volume to areas around the mouth, like the lips, which can help create proper lip lines and smile lines. Dermal fillers can help fill out the lips and folds in the face that have sunken in due to lack of collagen and fat. 
  • Denture patients – Botox helps patients who are having trouble adjusting to new dentures feel more comfortable with them. 
  • Orthodontic patients – Botox can help prevent relapse of orthodontic treatment in patients with stronger muscle activity.  This can help reduce the intensity of the muscle.
  • And more! 

Side Effects of Botox

Most patients don’t have any serious side effects with Botox and are able to tolerate it well. However, while side effects aren’t common, sometimes Botox can cause: 

  • Mild pain, swelling, or bruising around the injection site
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • A headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Temporary eyelid drooping
  • Numbness
  • Malaise 
  • Temporarily unwanted weakness in nearby muscles 

Overall, Botox is a drug that, in small doses, can reduce wrinkles and help treat certain muscle-related disorders. Dr. Ania will talk with you about the risks and any of your concerns. For many patients, the benefits of having the treatment far outweigh the risks. 

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