Why do I have a bad taste in my mouth?

Do you find yourself experiencing a bad taste in your mouth? If so, you may be dealing with halitosis, or “bad breath.” Bad breath has hit everyone at one time or another. Sometimes it is caused by the foods we eat, such as onions or garlic, and other times it is due to poor oral health habits. It may also be the sign of a more serious dental problem. Boulder, CO area patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Ania Mohelicki for a thorough assessment. 

What are common causes of bad breath? 

Bad breath may be caused by a variety of issues. By pinpointing the problem at hand, the dentist can then make recommendations for effective treatments. Some causes may be due to: 

  • What you have recently consumed
  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Dry mouth (lack of saliva)
  • Tobacco use
  • Periodontal disease

What should I do if I have bad breath? 

If possible, determine the source of the problem. If you recently had a meal with garlic and onions, your bad breath will probably be more temporary. However, if you have chronic bad breath, you may need to speak to a professional to determine the cause and discuss possible treatments. For example, patients with dry mouth might want to ensure they are always drinking water and staying hydrated to reduce the risk of bad breath, while those who have periodontal disease may need to seek periodontal treatments to resolve the problem and therefore, resolve their bad breath. The treatment chosen for a patient will be determined based on the cause of the bad breath and the severity. 

Treatments may include: 

  • Improved oral hygiene habits
  • Treatment for dry mouth
  • Stopping tobacco use
  • Treating periodontal disease
  • Avoiding highly scented foods and beverages

Are you dealing with chronic bad breath? 

Make an appointment with Dr. Ania Mohelicki of Boulder, Colorado for a cleaning and evaluation. With a proper diagnosis and an evaluation into the cause of bad breath, she can help you eradicate it and feel more confident when socializing with others. Call 303-443-0998 to make an appointment with our team at 2919 Valmont Road, Suite #106.  



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