The Connection Between Oral Health and Mental Wellbeing

The Connection Between Oral Health and Mental WellbeingAt first glance, you might not think there is a connection between your oral health and mental health. However, your oral health can significantly impact your emotions and expressiveness. By investing in proper dental care, patients can enhance not only their smiles but their entire mental outlook.

At our practice, Dr. Ania Mohelicki combines the art and science of general and cosmetic dentistry to help patients live happier, healthier lives.

How Your Oral Health Can Affect Your Mental Health

Poor teeth alignment, chronic bad breath, and tooth loss are examples of oral health conditions that can affect people emotionally. It’s not uncommon for people with cosmetic dental issues to become self-conscious about their smile, even going so far as to avoid interacting with others to avoid fear of judgment.

Dental issues can also impact speech and one’s ability to chew. In turn, they may be less likely to engage with others, avoid eating in social settings, and become more withdrawn to mask their struggles.

Patients who live with chronic pain from oral health problems can also develop symptoms of depression and even insomnia. This can have a domino effect on their productivity levels, relationships, and self-esteem.

The American Psychiatric Association investigated the connection between oral and mental health and found that mental illness can lead to oral health problems. On the other hand, poor oral health can further contribute to depression and anxiety in some patients.

Can Dental Treatment Improve Your Psychological Well-being?

If you struggle with self-consciousness over your smile, then cosmetic dentistry could potentially help you feel more confident in your appearance. For patients whose dental issues have led to ongoing physical pain or challenges with speech and eating, as well as facial asymmetry or jaw collapse, dental care could help not only restore function but your smile as well.

Many patients dealing with depression and anxiety stemming from oral health conditions tend to find their mental health improves with the proper treatment.

A Holistic Approach to Oral Health

By working with a dentist who recognizes the connection between your oral health and well-being, you can experience greater benefits from any treatment you receive. Dr. Mohelicki is passionate about helping every patient achieve their greatest health through the highest quality of dental care.

An associate of multiple prestigious dental organizations, her commitment to improving her practice ensures her patients always receive the greatest care.

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