It’s Not Too Late: Adult Orthodontics Can Restore Your Smile!

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Adult male with braces

Advancements in dental technology are encouraging adults everywhere to take advantage of the opportunity to receive orthodontic care, and now you can too! In the past, the thought of having metal braces as an adult discouraged many from receiving treatment, but today there are many options for adults besides traditional metal braces, including: ceramic, invisible, and lingual (behind the teeth) braces. Explore your options for orthodontic treatment as an adult by visiting our office!


Adult Orthodontics

When you think of braces, you probably picture teenagers with metal brackets. However, millions of braces wearers are children and adults. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 1 in 5 patients that receive braces is over the age of 21. Add that to the more than 4 million people that wear braces each year, and you have almost a million people over 21 sporting orthodontic appliances. That means, if you do choose to get braces, you won’t be alone. Adult orthodontics is simply orthodontic treatment for adults, which is very similar to what a teenager or child would receive.


Studies show that you can benefit from getting braces at any age. For adults, they can improve their success and confidence by receiving adult orthodontics. Many studies have shown that straightening your smile makes you appear more attractive, successful, wealthy, healthy and more. In studies, people even perceived others as 73% more trustworthy if their teeth were straight. You are more likely to land a job over your competition as well if you have straight teeth. The benefits of adult orthodontics are endless, and so are your possibilities if you choose to receive this life-changing treatment.


Invisalign treatment

Should You Get Braces?

You may think that it is too late to get braces once you are an adult, but that is not the case. In many patients, it’s easier to correct bite and alignment problems when young. This is because the jaw continues to grow until your teenage years. After that, bite and alignment problems become more difficult to treat, but nowhere near impossible. However, when it comes to straightening teeth, it’s easy to do whether you are an adult, child or teenager. For all patients, we say that it’s never too late to straighten your pearly whites. Why? Because you will improve your health by doing so no matter your age.


When you straighten your teeth, you reduce your risk for tooth decay, gum disease and oral health problems. Crooked teeth are teeth that are harder to keep clean. Because of this, you end up getting plaque and tartar buildup on different parts of your teeth. This leads to your teeth decaying in those areas and your gums receding. Those with crooked teeth (even adults) have a higher chance of having cavities and gum problems. Crooked teeth also lead to cracked, chipped and broken teeth over time because there is uneven pressure on the teeth when you bite, chew and speak. Breaking or cracking a tooth could eventually lead to losing that tooth, which you want to avoid. Straightening your teeth can remove or seriously reduce your risk for all of these problems.


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You Have Options

Did you know that metal brackets aren’t your only option for adult orthodontics? In the past, metal brackets were all that were available to patients, but now there are also lingual braces, clear braces and Invisalign treatment.

  • Metal braces – This is the most economical choice for adult orthodontics if you are on a tight budget. These braces are the the ones with metal brackets and wires attached to the front of your teeth.
  • Lingual braces – A discreet option for adult orthodontics is lingual braces. These are metal braces that are custom-fit to the back of your teeth instead of the front. This option is perfect for adults who want braces, but want to hide them.
  • Clear braces – These are braces that mimic the look and feel of traditional metal braces, except they are made of white ceramic material. That material is made to match the whiteness of your teeth. Even the archwire can be made white to match your tooth shade.
  • Invisalign – We love Invisalign treatment for our patients, especially when it comes to adult orthodontics! Invisalign is the most discreet way to straighten your teeth. This is a series of transparent aligners that we custom-make for your mouth and that you switch out every week. Over time, these clear trays gradually shift your teeth straight. The best part is that no one will even know you are wearing an orthodontic appliance. Plus, you can remove your aligners for eating, drinking, sports, physical activity, and cleaning your teeth like normal. This is the best option for adults wanting adult orthodontics, but who don’t want everyone to know they have braces.


A Better Smile Today

Adults everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive orthodontic care, and now you can too! If you are interested in exploring your options for orthodontic treatment as an adult, please contact us to schedule an appointment. For your free consultation, call Dr. Ania’s office at 303-443-0998!




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