Dental Retainers vs Orthodontic Treatments

Asian woman smiling and wearing an orthodontic retainers.A straighter smile is a common goal for many patients who visit the office of Dr. Ania Mohelicki of Boulder, CO. Orthodontic treatment is a reliable method of realigning the teeth. However, some patients might confuse orthodontic treatment with dental retainers. Understanding the goal of each treatment is the most effective way of learning the difference between the two and getting a better view of which treatment is best for you!

What Are the Differences Between Orthodontic Treatment and Dental Retainers?

Dental retainers and orthodontic treatments have some similarities, but there are also several differences between them.

Let’s dive in and look at the ways in which they are used to better understand their purposes:

  • Orthodontic treatments. Orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening teeth through the use of braces or other appliances. Orthodontic treatment seeks to correct problems such as crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, and misaligned jaws. Treatment usually takes several months to a few years and involves periodic adjustments by an orthodontist.
  • Dental retainers. On the other hand, dental retainers provide support for the teeth in order to keep them from shifting after orthodontic treatment is completed. Retainers are custom-made devices that fit snugly against the teeth and help reduce tooth movement. Depending on your needs, retainers can be removable, fixed to the teeth, or a combination of both. Retainers must be worn for an extended period of time and may need to be adjusted periodically.

Overall, orthodontic treatment focuses on correcting misalignment of the teeth, while dental retainers are used to maintain the desired results after treatment is completed. Both treatments require regular visits with an orthodontist or a skilled dental provider to achieve optimal results.

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