The Advantages of Same-Day Dentistry

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appointment for a dental crown

Enjoy the convenience of same-day dentistry with our state-of-the-art dental systems! At our office, we have a cutting-edge dental system that alleviates the need for traditional impressions, temporaries and second appointments. This saves you precious time and elevates your overall dental experience. Two major technological advances makes same-day dentistry crowns a real possibility: digital scanners and in-office milling machines. Find out how these machines help you get in and out of the office in record time!


What Does Same-Day Dentistry Mean?

Judging by the title, you will assume that “same-day dentistry” means that you will have a service done that same day. You are correct in this assumption. However, we are talking about dental crowns when we talk about same-day dentistry. A dental crown acts like a cap for your tooth. It covers and protects a tooth that has been damaged by decay and infection. Dental crowns are a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth and preserve tooth enamel, however, the usual process is lengthy. In the past (and still at many dental facilities), receiving a dental crown was time consuming. It takes at least 2 office visits and up to several weeks of waiting for your crown to be made in a lab.


Same-day dentistry eliminates the need for two office visits. In the past, we would remove your tooth decay and provide you a temporary crown for your tooth. You then had to wait up to two weeks to get your crown and have it placed. Fortunately, advanced technology now allows a handful of specially-trained dentists to take digital impressions of their patient’s mouths and create a crown in-office the same day. That is why we refer to this as “same-day dentistry”. There’s no waiting several weeks and you get a sturdy, supportive dental crown that will help make your mouth stronger.


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Same-Day Dentistry Appointment

We know that your time is valuable, especially if you are working. That’s why we have same-day dentistry crowns! When you come in for a dental crown, we will take digital scans of your teeth. This will take an exact impression of your existing bite and will provide us images of how your teeth look. Our digital scanner replaces the need for old-fashioned, gooey impressions we did in the past. Dr. Ania will use that digital image to create a crown that is customized for your mouth’s exact needs.


We use our in-house milling machine to create a custom crown while you wait in our office. Dr. Ania does this by sending the digital image to a milling machine that creates the crown, and then places the crown in an oven to crystallize. Once your crown has been made, Dr. Ania takes the time to bond the crown to your tooth and to protect your natural tooth from any elements or further tooth decay. The entire procedure from start to finish takes about 2 hours and there is no need to worry about temporary crowns.


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Why You Need a Dental Crown

Not every patient needs a dental crown. Patients who have had a dental emergency or severe tooth decay are the patients who will need a dental crown. When tooth decay is small, we can easily remove that decay and provide you with a tooth-colored cavity filling. We simply use our drills and other tools to remove the decayed part of your tooth and fill it like new. However, it is possible for tooth decay to spread so fast that it decays a large part of your tooth. In this case, a patient will need a root canal to clear the tooth of decay and any infection that has formed. This leaves your natural tooth in a vulnerable state, where it will be very sensitive and could develop decay again.


We never want to simply remove your natural tooth, so we will perform that root canal and then provide a dental crown to cover your natural tooth. We shape your dental crown to look like your real tooth—so much so that no one will ever know the difference. If you’ve got a tooth that has been seriously weakened or damaged, a strong dental crown is a highly-effective and attractive cosmetic dentistry solution.


How You Benefit

Same-day dentistry works amazing well for our patient’s schedules. It takes one simple office visit, where you can then return to work or home. If you have had a toothache or oral health problem, don’t wait to come into the office! If your dental work requires a dental crown, we can perform this with a same-day dentistry appointment. To have your free consultation, call Dr. Ania’s office today at 303-443-0998!




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