You May Be Surprised How Your Gums Affect Your Health

When you think about oral health, teeth likely spring to mind. But what about your gums? These are so much more than just the tissue supporting your teeth. They are vital to your oral health and overall wellbeing. In fact, gum health supports your entire immune system!

The benefits of periodontal care can’t be understated; at Dr. Ania Mohelicki’s practice, each patient’s total health and wellness are placed at the center of their care. As you explore your own oral health, consider the surprising ways that gums can affect your health.

Gums Protect You From Bacteria

The gums are a protective tissue that prevent bacteria from entering your bloodstream; without them, bacteria in both your mouth and that you ingest would be able to easily reach your blood vessels, tissues, and internal organs.

By nourishing your gums through proper dental hygiene and routine cleanings, you can avoid putting your health at risk.

Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Heart

Research has found that people who have periodontal disease are also at an increased risk of developing hardened arteries. These are the pathways in the heart that pump blood in and out of the chambers, allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach all your muscles, tissues, cells, and organs.

When fat and cholesterol builds up in the arteries, it can harden and cause blockages that obstruct blood flow. This makes the passageway narrower, preventing blood from entering or exiting the heart properly.

By taking good care of your gum health, you can lower your risk of heart disease. This is especially important if you carry other risk factors, like a family history of cardiovascular conditions or smoking.

Give Your Gums the Best With Dr. Ania

Dr. Ania Mohelicki is dedicated to offering the best dental care to every patient at her practice.

She has been practicing since 1994 and belongs to multiple esteemed organizations, including the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology.

With Dr. Ania, you can enjoy an incredibly relaxing dental experience that includes warm hand towels, moving watching, and music. To schedule an appointment for you or your child, please contact the office in Bounder, CO, at 303-872-9940.


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