How Can Orthodontics Help Your Smile?

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Many adults don’t realize that orthodontics isn’t just for children and teens. In fact, at least 1/4th of all people wearing braces in the U.S. each year are adults. You may not even realize when these patients wear braces because there are various invisible options available to patients to straighten their smiles. We do both one- and two-phase orthodontic treatment for patients. Find out how this treatment works and how your smile can benefit from straighter teeth!


The Power of a Healthy, Straight Smile

Did you know that people with straighter, more beautiful smiles tend to exude more confidence than those who don’t? In studies done by companies such as Invisalign, they found that those with straighter teeth were perceived as more confident, attractive, and even more trustworthy than those who had crooked teeth. Applicants that have straight teeth have a better chance at landing the jobs they apply for than those with crooked teeth. Plus, a more beautiful smile boosts confidence almost instantaneously.


We always recommend that patients work on the basics to getting a more beautiful—not to mention healthy—smile. The American Dental Association recommends that all people visit a dentist at least twice a year for comprehensive exams and dental cleanings. However, only 65% of people in the U.S. are visiting the dentist each year. This may be one reason why tooth decay (known as “cavities”) is such a chronic problem in the U.S. Gum disease is also at an all-time high, affecting more than 64.7 million adults.


If you want a better smile, start by seeing a dentist regularly. Most patients only need to see a dentist for about 30-60 minutes, twice a year to keep oral health issues in check. We also urge all our patients to:

  • Brush their teeth at least twice a day, for 2 minutes at a time, as recommended by the ADA.
  • Floss the teeth 1-2 times a day, especially before bedtime. Floss all the way up in the gumline, gently scraping the teeth as you go.
  • Using mouthwash to kill decay-causing bacteria.
  • Using fluoride treatments and receiving dental sealants, if suggested by your dentist.
  • Investing in orthodontics to fix a crooked smile.


Quick Facts About Orthodontics

There are only a few ways to get a better smile, and most come through your oral health habits and help from professionals like dentists and orthodontics. We want to focus on the last point—investing in orthodontics to fix a crooked smile—and why this is important. Tons of people will never need orthodontic treatment, but millions will. In fact, there are at least 4 million people every single year that have some type of braces on their teeth. You can know if you need to be one of those 4 million by having an orthodontic exam or by speaking to your dentist (that’s us!).


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every person see an orthodontist for an evaluation around age 7 or 8. This is a time when bite and alignment issues with the teeth and jaws can be found. When we do find patients with misaligned jaws and bites, or crooked teeth, we can work with them to set up an orthodontic treatment plan. If you have frequent cavities or issues with gingivitis—or the first stage of gum disease—you may need orthodontics.


If you notice that you or your child’s teeth are crooked, orthodontics can help. When children start to show signs of speech impediments or problems with biting, chewing or eating, orthodontic treatment can help correct the issues. Children, teens and adults can all benefit immensely from orthodontics.


How You Benefit from Orthodontics

Studies show that those who receive orthodontic care and teeth straightening through braces have a reduced risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Why? Straighter teeth are much easier to clean than teeth that are crooked. They are easier to brush and floss and the teeth also have a lower risk for breaking. When the teeth are crooked, it may be hard to get floss in between the teeth. When brushing, there could be areas where the brush can’t reach well, which could cause plaque to sit on the teeth and erode them over time. The uneven pressure placed on crooked teeth when chewing and biting can also lead to a tooth fracture or break. When it comes to the health of your teeth, straightening them is one of the ways to keep them healthy.


Studies show that you can benefit from getting braces at any age. For adults, they can improve their success and confidence by receiving adult orthodontics. Many studies have shown that straightening your smile makes you appear more attractive, successful, wealthy, healthy and more. In studies, people even perceived others as 73% more trustworthy if their teeth were straight. You are more likely to land a job over your competition as well if you have straight teeth. The benefits of adult orthodontics are endless, and so are your possibilities if you choose to receive this life-changing treatment.


Why Invisalign?

One popular treatment that has changed dentistry and orthodontics alike is Invisalign treatment. Orthodontics generally consists of the options of lingual braces, ceramic (white) braces, traditional metal braces and Invisalign treatment. However, we think the last option is the best, as you change your


We love Invisalign treatment for our patients, especially when it comes to adult orthodontics! Invisalign is the most discreet way to straighten your teeth. This is a series of custom-made transparent aligners you switch out every week. Over time, these clear trays gradually shift your teeth straight. The best part is that no one will even know you are wearing an orthodontic appliance. Plus, you can remove your aligners for eating, drinking, sports, physical activity, and cleaning your teeth like normal. For adults and teens alike, Invisalign is a great orthodontics choice. If you or your loved ones would love a more beautiful smile through orthodontics like Invisalign treatment, call Dr. Ania’s office today at 303-443-0998!




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